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17 March
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This is luvkangta (personal journal) as well as outlandishhh (writing journal).

1: Basically LAZY.
2: Can be real boring at times.
3: Has low energy level.
4: Am gaining weight now like there's no tomorrow.
5: Love KANGTA (like, duh)
6: YunHo is the next sexiest man on earth♥
7: Junsu has successfully kicked Jaejoong off my second place XD
8: Single
9: 161cm. ...Was 162cm and 163cm too. . . . 164cm.
10: Sweet tooth.
11: Pisces.
12: YunJae TOPS everything.

♥ Kangta Ahn Chil Hyun ♥

He is my Singing God. To me, no one can be compared to him when it comes to singing. My music religion is Kangta-lism.

♥ H.O.T ♥

They were SO cool. they're a bunch of musically talented people. Their stage performances were always like cd..better than cd, in fact. And their stage presence is like WOW. Their last and fifth album, Outside Castle, was made up solely of all the members' self compositions. And H.O.T was the co-producer for that album.

♥ Group S ♥

Perfect singing group! And perfect best buddies group. lol. Their one and only project album, Friends In Classic, 2004, is one of the best albums ever.

♥ 東方神起 ♥

Perfect voices. Perfect faces. Perfect dances. Perfect bond. They're not brothers in soul, but One Soul.

♥ 東方神起's Jung Yunho ♥

My perfect man! What more can I say about him besides the word "perfect"? He is everything i can dream of in a man ♥

♥ 東方神起's Kim Junsu ♥

My second favourite so far (sorry Jaejoong T_T) Because Kim Junsu is moving unlike the others, he is small in here =.=

♥ 東方神起's YunJae ♥

They are perfect for each other. And no, they're NOT gay. If they are, they are only gay for each other ♥

♥ 天上智喜 The Grace ♥

I swear, they are THE BEST FEMALE GROUP out there. Perfect voices, perfect faces, perfect dances..a female version of 東方神起.

Because my girls are SO underrated..

♥ Lina The Grace ♥

♥ Sunday The Grace ♥

♥ Stephanie The Grace ♥

♥ Dana The Grace ♥

♥ 카라 KARA ♥

Good singing vocals for a new group. they sure have the voices, and they are vocally stable during live performances, which is a rare thing for most of the female groups out there (except my 天上智喜, of course). However, they still felt awkward on stage, and SungHee has left T_T Two more new members are expected to join in!

Ain't this sweet?

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